The Bonck Family

"Chris Nolan is professional in all aspects of buying and/or selling a home.  It was our privilege to work with her in the winter of 2012 to find our new family home.  Even after we decided on which home to buy, Chris remained vigilant in her duties, whether it was in coordinating legal work, offering suggestions for inspectors, or working with myself and the seller's representatives on a daily basis.  Although Chris did a phenomenal job throughout the process, her diligence did not stop at the act of sale, Chris has maintained a positive working relationship with us, even after our sale...making sure we are happy with our purchase and reminding us of the many nuances that arise when buying a new home!  
Billy and Nicole Bonck"

A MOST Satisfied Customer

Dear Manager,

I thought of several ways to begin this letter, all of which seemed so conventional & trite, when what I really want to say is, Chris Nolan ROCKS! I discovered Chris online through a Google search for Metairie Realtors, and am I ever glad I did.  I wanted to write to you & express my appreciation for Chris and the job she did for us. 

Our home was an older home, only 2 bedrooms in a predominantly 3-4 bedroom neighborhood; we had paneling & dogs.  Like other sellers, we were in a definite time crunch because we were building a new home on the northshore & had to have this house sold before we could get loan approval for our new home.  We fully expected our house to sit on the market for several months, at which time we would accept a substantially lower-than-asking-price offer just to sell it; in fact, we knew we were looking at several months, so we started the process in June, just to give ourselves a little time before school started to get it all going.  Chris, however, determined early on that we were going to sell it fast and at a great price, and she worked like a fiend to make sure it happened.  She helped us set a competitive price for our home, keeping in mind our need for a fast sale, but also making sure she knew what we really hoped to get out of the home monetarily. 

The first day our home was available for showing, Chris arranged for eight prospective buyers to come through; she contacted other Realtors who had clients looking for homes, and told them of our listing.  This made it really convenient for me, as I got the house ready, put the dogs in the car for an afternoon’s drive, and by the time I got home, many people had already seen the house.  She had such a good strategy and worked so carefully that even late that same night, at 10:30 p.m., a prospective buyer came through (he’s the one who ended up buying our home.)  I suspect Chris was working the phones solidly during that time, letting the other Realtors know that we had offers and if they wanted to put one in, they better get their clients on the ball!  The end result was that after only one day of showing, we had five offers (all at asking price or above), and ended up accepting one for above our asking price!  To say we were thrilled really doesn’t do it justice.  Some folks have questioned if we set the price too low (I guess they’re just looking for something negative to say!), but I know from the list prices and length on the market of other homes for sale in my neighborhood that Chris just hit the right pint; through this, she was able to set up (in her words) a real “feeding frenzy” that worked in our favor. 

In addition to being a savvy business woman, Chris is a classy and genuinely nice lady, even when other people we met during this time acted in a less-than-polite or less-than-professional manner, she never lost her cool, and maintained a friendly and conciliatory demeanor.  I respect her  ethical approach to business and feel that her honesty is a real strength.  I always felts comfortable that she had my best interests at heart, and would give me good practical advice.  She knew all the ins and outs of the process and paperwork, and was always there if I had a question or concern. 

In short, I feel that my experience with Chris was one of the most positive I have had.  Selling a home is a stressful time, and Chris’s knowledge, hard work, and friendly nature made it a lot  easier.  I would strongly recommend her to anyone seeking a realtor, they will not do better.  Congratulations to your company on such a fine representative, and thanks to Chris for a job done well past the point of our expectations.

Sincerely,  Meg H. Frazier, PhD  ( a MOST satisfied customer)



Chris sold our house the first day!



Jeca & Albert Smith


Betty and Mary

"We needed to sell our house in a hurry without sacrificing price.

Chris Nolan was the answer.

She put it up one day and we were signing the contract the next day.  Chris was right on the price & also the tips she gave us to get the house marketable.   Besides being very knowledgeable, she is also a very pleasant person to work with.  She really did her homework!"    


Rhonda & Keith


"Chris Nolan, the fastest agent in town, she sold our house before the sign even went up!

Here's to you Chris, this bud's for you."

Jamayra & Frankie C


Chris is definitely one in a million.  After many bad experiences with many other real estate agents, I thought I would never find one with integrity and professionalism until I purchased my new home with Ms. Nolan’s help.  She went above & beyond, taking care of  every detail, making the process as smooth as possible. 

Thank you, Chris….

Jamayra & Frankie Casiano



Jim & Julia

Chris is the best!  Our home sold in less than 24 hours for full asking price!  Her experience and wealth of knowledge providd us with the information necessary to prepare the home for its debut on the market.  We are very pleased and would strongly recommend Chris Nolan for your real estate needs.

Chris is the best!  Our home sold in less than 2 days at full asking price!  Her experience and wealth of knowledge provided us with the information necessary to prepare the home for its debut on the market.  In less than 24 hours of our broker/agent open house, we had two offers.  We are very pleased and would strongly recommend Chris Nolan for your real estate needs.


Chris exceeded our expectations of going the extra mile.  Chris made our concerns & demands of what we wanted in a home herpriority.  Her job became very delicate when it came down to negotiation time. However, she masterfully played mediator with a successful result. 

We are now the proud owners of a wonderful home that affords everything we have every wanted.

Lisa & Michael Z. - River Ridge


Charles M

   "Chris found the perfect house for me!"

Mary Jane B.


Chris sold my property for 98% of our asking price!  She definitely knows the market.  She is on top of every detail, knows when & how to be aggressive to get the  job done properly but she is not PUSHY...not like a lot of the piranas in real estate I’ve known!  She truly had my best interest at heart and I can’t speak highly enough of her work.

                  Mary Jane Butera



We should have called Chris first!  We were unhappy with the service from the first agent and extremely happy with Chris’ outstanding perforessionalism, courtesy & responsiveness.  In a month she found a buyer!          Dr. Lee and Sarah Roether,  Oak Harbor


“I should have called Chris first to sell my house.  I wasted a whole year on the market by using a realtor who overpriced it.  Chris was accurate & honest regarding the price.  I was totally impressed with her knowledge, attitude and personality.  To this day, I know my home sold as well and as fast due to the work she did and her suggestions.  Thank you, Chris!!”  Alyssa I.

"...She was an excellent mediator between ourselves and the purchasers which facilitated a very pleasant selling experience.  We previously had the home listed with another realtor for six months with no activity.  Chris was able to sell this home in less than two weeks.!"

"After a very bad experience with another company and agent, we were leery of putting our home for sale with another agent.  Then somene recommended Chris Nolan.  She did everything  humanly possble to gain our trust a& sell our home.  The market was slow & things ere not selling but Chris worked day & night & weekends and sold our house in a short period of time.  We didnt' think she could do it.  She is  wonderful agent and a wonderful person!

Kathy A.


"I met Chris around the time of Katrina very shortly after the death of my husband. Buying a house on my own was a daunting undertaking. Chris told me from the start she would walk me thru every detail and she did. Always available and she has remained a good friend. I wouldn't think of selling or buying a house without Chris' experience."             Kathy B